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Wilson C. Riles Middle School

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Staff Contacts (Emails & Websites)


  Staff Email Addresses and Websites



  Chris Borasi
Assistant Principal:   Brett Homesley
Academic Coordinator:   Allison Kent
Academic Coordinator:   Jennifer Slay
Academic Coordinator:   Sarah Wildman
  Holly McClain





Last Name First Name Position Email  Website Link
Allred Marie Math website
Andrews Julie Social Studies website
Anwar Shahnaz Special Ed website
Bartz Sarah Art  
Brown Peter Science website
Cline Sherry Math website
Coulter Morgan English  
Cropper Frank CARE Program - 8th  
Deason Stu Math/Elective website
Eastteam Eve Speech  
Garcia Robert CARE Program - 7th  
Gebauer Tanya Special Ed  
Hamilton Grant Science website
Johnson Michael Music  
Jordan Mark PE website
Kennedy Caryn Social Studies website
Elmer Jessica Special Ed  
Law Jennifer Social Studies & AVID  
Lunsford Theresa Math website
Magnani Kathy Science website
Michaelis Tiffany English website
Kimble Tim Special Ed  
Peyrucain Jennifer
Special Ed  
Price Karen Special Ed  
Ratliff Mike PE website
Ray Candace Social Studies & Drama  
Silva Renee Ceramics  
Smith Clay Social Studies website
Smith Abe ELD  
Swift Windigo Science  
Telles John English website
Topper Jamie English  
Verhagen Annelies PE website
Walters Erica English  
Wise Jeff PE & Science  





         Support Staff


Last Name First Name Position Email
Baioni Ron Computer Tech
Blackwell Barbara Attendance
Brown Senovia Cafeteria Cashier
Chernetskiy Lyubov Food Services
Evans Jeannie Campus Monitor
Goodspeed Ron Head Custodian
Karakas Tori Kitchen Manager
Koscheka Michele School Secretary
Lal Kris Sports Coach
Livingston Barbara Instructional Specialist
Matsuno Deanna Instructional Specialist
Misajon Joanna Instructional Specialist
Munoz CJ Office Aide
Nolte Bonnie Psychologist
Pali Maliu Custodian
Instructional Specialist
Perrault Traci Instructional Specialist
Prasad Arvind Custodian
Ridge Angela Instructional Specialist
Van Praag
Kayla Food Services
Smith William Custodian
Torres Betty Noon Duty
Turnquist Nancy Cafeteria Cashier
Vasilevich Tatyana Instructional Specialist
Warren Errin Instructional Specialist
Wise Sandy Library
Tanner Instructional Specialist
Xerri Bobbi Health Aide