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Wilson C. Riles Middle School

Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts

Husky Help

Parents and Families of Wilson C. Riles Students, 
In an effort to provide more support and intervention for our students in Math and English, we have added six new intervention courses and placed students in these classes, respectively. 
Reading Intervention:
Academic Lab A1- Corrective Reading Level B 
Academic Lab A2- Corrective Reading Level C
Math Intervention:
Academic Lab B7- 7th Grade Math Support 
Academic Lab B8- 8th Grade Math Support  
Study Skills: 
Academic Lab C7- 7th Grade IEP Goal(s) Support 
Academic Lab C8- 8th Grade IEP Goal(s) Support 
We will continue to provide support for students through Husky Help and Husky Lunch starting Tuesday, August 28th. 
Wilson C. Riles Administration