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Wilson C. Riles Middle School

Wilson C. Riles Middle School

WCR Sports Info Page

Wilson C. Riles Middle School is a member of the Foothill Intermediate Schools Athletic League.
7th Flag Football Coach: Mr. Hunt
8th Flag Football Coach: Mr. Lal
7th Volleyball Coach: Ms. Elmer
8th Volleyball Coach: Ms. Burdick
7th Boys Basketball Coach: Mr. Hunt
8th Boys Basketball Coach: Mr. Lal
7th Girls Basketball Coach: Mr. Hunt
8th Girls Basketball Coach: Mr. Lal
Track Coaches: Ms. Verhagen
Athletic Director: Mr. Wise


We believe that athletic competition is a necessary process for the development of the student/athlete.  We believe that the purpose of athletics is to assist the student/athlete in developing playing skills, respecting coaches, teammates, and opponents, respecting rules and officials, maintaining good health and physical fitness, practicing good sportsmanship and remembering that participation is a privilege and carries responsibilities.  We also believe that the middle school athletic competitions are a learning experience for all students/athletes and that there will be a concerted effort to have all players participate and be given as much playing time as possible in each sporting event